Ready for VoIP?

All-IP conversion? No problem with the tevitel.iPBX!

The current transition from ISDN to VoIP was decided by the Telecom and is irreversible. With this guide we want to inform you about issues and problems of our customers as well as clean up myths with VoIP.

Can I avoid the step to VoIP?
The path from ISDN to VoIP by providers such as z, B, Vodafone can be delayed while, in the long term, there is however no alternative to VoIP. So that everything is not all different - but better. The cost benefits of the infrastructure fees and lower system costs are however undeniable and offer significant advantages for users.

Is SIP standardized?

Das Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) ist ein standardisiertes Netzprotokoll zum Aufbau einer Kommunikationsverbindung zwischen zwei und mehr Teilnehmern. Das Protokoll ist jedoch mit solchen Freiheitsgraden spezifiziert worden, dass die Schnittstellen zu den diversen Carriern immer wieder etwas unterschiedlich arbeiten und damit Anpassungen erfordern.

How can I protect myself from hackers?
Vulnerable users, simple passwords and open router are an invitation to hackers, thereby easily penetrate into your system, causing about night damage amounting to several tens of thousands of euros. Portforwardings are very careful to manage and passwords on the IP phone may correspond to never just the phone number. Modern telephone systems, such as the tevitel.iPBX include various protections and lock the connection according to defined criteria before causing major damage.

Is the telephony as reliable as with ISDN?
Please on a DSL connection with high availability. A connection with 98% availability is annual average 7.3 days not available!

Is the attainability and error diagnosis as well as for ISDN?
In this topic, you should know what is behind NAT, SIP, STUN, Wireshark, port forwarding and firewall the buzzwords. A tevitel system monitors all system parameters and ensure that the admin issues is informed before the customer is affected. This means an excellent accessibility with the currently available carriers.

Is the call quality worse than with ISDN?
That was the case, where there was considerable bandwidth problems only in the initial phase. Anywhere where broadband connections are available there is an excellent voice quality that can surpass even ISDN with the new high quality codec.

What are typical voice problems and how can you avoid this?
Unilateral connections, talking crashes, FAX transmission errors, accessibility problems, poor voice quality, slower connection, operator error and end of conversation not detected problems are typical VoIP. In a good carrier router telephone system configuration problems of this kind do not occur after a completed system configuration. tevitel offers special test procedures, with which the customer connection quickly capabilities can be examined on his voice.

News from tevitel

tevitel.iPBX and iBooster in version 7.1.50

The highlights of 7.1.50:
  • text-to-speech-integration
  • tevitel.communicator office (optional)
  • project number support
  • text message server service
  • voice recording of external participants
  • release of ELMEG CS 290 system-telephone




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