tevitel.iPBX S 10.1 recognize problems with VoIP

tevitel.iPBX S 10.1 recognize problems with VoIP

The tevitel.iPBX S 10.1 offers a quick VoIP installations with automatic monitoring function.

This means easy access, quick problem analysis and - troubleshooting errors and professional protection against hackers and phone system abuse.

The tevitel migration concept supports all delivered tevitel.iPBX systems up to the TELES.iPBX NT in 1997.

There is no better investment protection!

Do you sometimes have the impression that VoIP will require installations much time, know-how and considerable rework? VoIP access issues, unilateral connections, router problems, as well as the difficult analysis when errors are often the VoIP everyday.

With the new tevitel iPBX S 10.1 VoIP installations are as simple as they were used by ISDN, integrated monitoring informs about problems even before the customer notice.

With the tevitel.iPBX, win time and again focus on your business!

News from tevitel

tevitel.iPBX and iBooster in version 7.1.50

The highlights of 7.1.50:
  • text-to-speech-integration
  • tevitel.communicator office (optional)
  • project number support
  • text message server service
  • voice recording of external participants
  • release of ELMEG CS 290 system-telephone




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