One Number Solution

Be accessible always under one number

Our system provides individual groups. The prior extensions respectively the staff member's exchange line  is now the telephone number of his individual group. He can log in as many telephone devices as he needs to, e.g. his office telephone, his mobile phone, his VoIP telephone, his computer or his laptop and his home office telephone. Is he having an incoming call on his group, the iBooster provides it to each telephone which is logged in – simultaneously or one by one as requested.

How many telephones do we need?

Most people will not abstain from an apparatus at the place, whereas this would be possible by using our system. The GSM telephone or the VoIP client or the softphone is to be embedded via the iBooster into the existing infra structure. Both are accessible via TAPI and are available for computer aided telephony like dialing out of Outlook or other TAPI compatible programms. The secretary might have a look – if requested - via the supplied CTI programme Click & Call that the head of the office – anyway he is – is just having a phone call on his mobile phone.
Additional DECT devices are no longer necessary to use GSM integration as the staff is fully integrated with their mobile phones – another cost advantage of the iBooster! The staff member answers the phone e.g. on his mobile phone he then can always forward the call to his trunk – if he is at his place again or vice versa.
Large buildings or complex company sites do no longer have to be enormeously equipped with DECT senders if GSM receipt is secured. Even different locations are no longer a problem as the staff is accessible worlwide under one telephone number -  the individual group's trunk.

One number Solution

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