Mobile phones as mobile extensions

Integrate your mobile phone of your mobile staff into your telephone system

Mobile phones for the mobile staff are now self-evident but have a life of its own  in addition to the fixed-line network via the telephone system of a company. Sentences like „... the collegue seems not to be at his place, I'll try to reach him on his mobile...“ or „... you have reached me on my mobile phone I am unfortunately not able to forward you...“ is known from anybody in daily business life. How many times restricted mobility and missing performance features will take is hard to say. The fact, however, that restricted accessibility and flexibility boost up costs in addition to customer's and employer's unsatisfaction is easy to understand.
Which overvalue would bring the integration of mobile telephony into an existing telephone system? Does it make sense to make the employees accessible always under one number whether they are in the office or on their way? How much comfort is it to make call waitings or to forward a call through the usual office telephone? Would it be nice to start a conference from a mobile phone?
You have now found the solution: You will integrate the staff's mobile phones by using the tevitel.iBoosters and increase your mobility AND comfort AND you will save high connecting and roaming charges. The iBooster will quickly amortize – accordingly to the volume of calls within less weeks up to several months.
The principle is clear: The iBooster is switched before telephone system into the existing ISDN- or VoIP lines. There are no amendments necessary to do on the telephone system. The iBooster covers the routing of calls and forwards incoming calls to the telephone system. Calls from mobile phones is to be forwarded via the integrated SIM card into the respective net. This is why high roaming charges are now over.
Upon request national and international calls can be forwarded via Call by Call into the requested and more reasonable net. Now the mobile staff can too make economical national calls into foreign countries via the iBooster. Thereby mobile phones are integrated like internal extensions and are able to make call waitings, to forward calls, to select internal telephone numbers and to start conferences.
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Handy als mobile Nebenstelle

The advantages in a view:

  • The user only has one phone, especially his mobile phone.
  • Call waiting, forwarding and selecting internal extensions over the mobile phone.
  • He is always accessible at any time via one telephone number, his exchange line.
  • All call records are to be collected and evaluated by the system.
  • Call setup via Outlook, Lotus Notes, tobit David or other TAPI compatible programms also for mobile phone.
  • Call recording possible over the system.
  • Conferences via the system with up to 64 participants.

tevitel GSM Integration

Mobile extension: While having a phone call the subscriber can make call waitings and can forward calls: If he presses the * button (star key), he will wait/hold the first participant in the iBooster. He then listens to individual waiting music while the caller dials his collegue's extension to make a consultation. He then can forward the collegue to the participant or can start a conference and upon request he can add further participants as well.

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