Distributed Locations

Call forwarding and concentration of trunks embracing all different companies which increase accessibility and efficiency with offering also a considerable safing potential.
Verteilete Standorte

Computer Telephony CTI

Basic features of the computer telephony integration by tevitel.iPBX provide immediately the corresponding customers template to handle with incoming calls. They also provide telephone numbers (listed in your contacts) directly out of your customer database or select from your CRM programm. These and further features offer the tevitel.iBooster which increase efficiency and comfort at the workstation and also for existing telephone systems from other providers.
tevitel Computer Telefonie

Contact Center

The quality of service and the customer's dialogue decide more and more about customer's satisfaction and about success of a modern service.
The tevitel Contact-Center-solutions do not only optimize the accessibility and productivity of the staff but also meet with everybody's all-in-one solution which is easy to perform for anybody's requirements. Center L

Mobile phones as mobile extensions

Mobile phones are not only self-evident for the mobile staff these days. With the GSM integration by tevitel, mobile phones can be integrated like internal extensions – how to gain comfort and how to save money you will find here.
Handy als mobile Nebenstelle

One Number Solution

With the tevitel One Number Solution you are always accessible under one number, whether you are on the road or in the office. Whether you are being called or have to do a call yourself, the conversational partner dials or faces only one number. Increase your accessibility and flexibility with the One Number Solution.
One number Solution

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