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tevitel.iPBX complements standard hotel management solution

tevitel provides open,standardised telephone systems which are built up modular and scaleable. With it your solution remains adaptable and sure about future. Whether analog extensions, system phones with display messages or VoIP devices, in a single network you can start and expand as required by your business development.

Advantages that tevitel systems bring originally amongst other things are:

- (up to 1000) analog- und VoIP-Telephones
- (up to 120) ISDN System telephones
- (up to 1000) mobile phones mobile branch
- integration of ISDN, analog and GSM networks (VoIP)
- Multilingual user interface
- call center functions
- Busy display field, you can see at a glance who is speaking or not reachable
- Announcements (professionally recorded or as a text to speech)
- Pre-configured alarm groups and announcements via phone or speaker
- Multi-lingual voice mail systems
- Announcements for the perfect greeting around the clock
- individual wake-up input
- conference server
- individual hold music, e.g., with your topical offers or events
- any cost-effective routing for cost-optimised connections
- standard interfaces TAPI 2.1, TCP / IP message server
- SQL logging of the conversation data
- Microsoft Windows 7
- High reliability and maintenance-friendly due to fanless CPU and SSD
- distant servicing and setup online via WAN / LAN


• mobile services for hotelguest
• mobilenumber renting for hotelguest
• reduction of communiucation costs
• multilingual
• announcements and individual alarm signals

Please email us if you have any further questions on our solutions:  or call us under: +49 30 30203-555.

New communication channels for the hotel guest

The new tevitel solution integrates mobile phones into the hotel phone system and offers its
guests significantly more communication options, than using stationary room telephones.

To provide this new communication service guests will be offered a mobile phone at checkin; they can use it at any time and everywhere during the hotel stay.

Each guest receives a german phone number and can be called in Munich and all over
Germany. International guests may turn off their private cell phones, stay connected,
and avoid expensive roaming fees for long distance oversea calls. Telephone calls within
Germany could be free of charge if the hotel wants to offer a high standard of service to all of its guests.

Additionally the guests are able to leave personal messages to callers, using the information
and mailbox system. This makes especially more sence, when there are existing time shifts
for the guest. The guest can also program reminder calls, remind him of appointments by
the phone. Accessorily it`s possible to avail oneself of a reliable wake-up service via hotel
reception. Mailbox messages and hotel informations are sent to the guest via sms. The
operators national guidance is choosen at check-in.

Especially for the guests from overseas the reducing of communication costs may become a substantial saving of expenses.

In the hotel industry the management explores new avenues with the tevitel cell-phone
integration offensively.

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