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Reasonable Calls mobile via mobile: In connection with GSM mobile phones and/ or VoIP integration the call can be routed centrally directly and economically into the respective net. Separate telephone connections with corresponding monthly charges can be dropped off. Offers from carrier, with whom internal calls from company to company and within complex organizations are economical, can be combined centrally over the iBooster, to forward them e.g. via the integrated GSM channels cheaply into the corresponding mobile phone net. The intensive saving costs of net transfers run to be soon amortized within a few weeks up to a few months (see 'mobile extensions'). The iBooster provides per 19" sytem up to  ten S2M-, 35 S0-, 32 GSM- and 64 VoIP channels and can be enlarged and cascaded cheaply at any time. The life time of an existing telephone systems can now considerably be prolonged without the fact that the personnel must abstain from comfort of modern telecommunication systems. The way to  'soft migration', that means that the exchange into step by step VoIP technology is neutral in price and even profitable.

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Concentrating of telephone connection offers considerable saving potential

Concentrating of telephone connection offers considerable saving potential
Distributed sites or public organizations often means higher costs by separate telephone connections, with reduced comfort at the same time by non-uniform call number spaces and missing clearness. Not only the accessibility of the staff suffers on the fact also the efficiency of those who wish to try to reach someone. The costs covered are enormously high -  only less minutes per day wasted by a member trying to dial in somewhat company and waiting for connecting make a sum of seriously high amount.
Connecting the locations:The tevitel.iBooster as concentrator connects locations. The transmitted units can be embedded via standard ISDN connection (S0 or S2M), user-to-user-connection or VoIP on the iBooster. Calls can distributed centrally – with a uniform telephone number space flexibly over considerable routing options.

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