Computer Telephony CTI

The tevitel.iPBX telephone system includes the CTI feature, made in ‚quantity’ and the  tevitel.iBooster provides it reasonably for any existing telephone system of other providers. The iBooster is  easily switched  'between' the existing trunks and is integrated in  LAN. Still the internal telephone numbers have to be matched to the respective desktop and the link of telephony and IT is going. Via mouseclick on a telephone number in a TAPI compatible programm (customer database, Microsoft Outlook, CRM-Systems  etc.) the iBooster dials  initially into the internal participant who has sent a signal for 'call request'. When a subscriber answers the call the requested conversation partner will automatically be called and both participants will be connected. The supplied CTI-Tool 'tevitel.Click&Call' (see description) provides further features of a comfort like a button 'busy' and list of call returns on the monitor.
The tevitel.iBooster as CTI server too integrates external participants like mobile phones or telephones at the home office. The connections of these telephones – transmitted via  the  tevitel.iBooster – can be shown  particularly on a display. Further information you will find under 'Mobile extension' and 'tevitel.Click&Call'.

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tevitel Computer Telefonie

Computer telephony integration for any telephone system

The link of telecommunication with the IT is now in the information age self-evident. Via the TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface), a programming interface for telephony applications, computer programms can be selected and connected, incoming calls can be 'popped up' on the monitor as a respective customer data record and telephony features can completely beconverted into user applications.
Many 'prior' telephone systems misses this CTI compatibility – telephony and IT go into different directions. Upgrading the telephone system is frequently not possible or combined with high capital expenditures. Rental period of the systems will prolong and so the cost-benefit-ratio will force a discussion changing the system completely.

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