Communicator Office

Text messages with circular letter function and display of the company name

The text message function allows for the sending of text messages to any number of mobile telephone subscribers. A company name can be used as the sender name for example. Using the template option, text messages can be prepared, selected for sending or be deleted from the template list.

Personalised campaigns and power dialing

The menu item campaigns, enables not only an automatic informational broadcast, which conveys notifications resp. reminders for a meeting, but can also be used for promotion calls to invite customers to an event (e.g. invitation to a test drive, an appointment at the „KFZ-Lichtwochen“ - Motor Vehicles Lights Week). Any text can be initially played-back before communicating with an employee or a group. This menu item can of course also be used for simple alarm messages.

CTI in Outlook

Using call, not only Outlook contacts can be called via the programme, but also any other participants you have selected. As soon as a participant accepts a call, they are switched to your own telephone. Any telephone numbers (also service numbers such as 0180, etc.) can be signalised to the person who is being called by means of Clip-No-Screen.

Conferences for 64 participants

The item conference supports telephone conferences with up to a total of 64 internal and external participants. The conference participants receive a brief announcement before being put through to the conference. During the conference other conference participants can be invited or be disconnected.

Unified communication for the office and en route

The tevitel.communicator office is a CTI tool, which provides state-of-the-art communication technology via mouse click for stationary, mobile and also home office workstations. The tevitel.communicator office supports the sending of text messages, advertising campaigns, automatic broadcasts (e. g. alarm server), conferences, display of incoming calls as well as simple dial-out from Outlook. Telephone calls are set up using the telephone switchboard or the iBooster. Therefore, no costs are incurred for mobile phone users. Bulk mailing of text messages, and the realisation of already prepared campaigns, becomes child’s play when using the tevitel.communicator office prepared address lists. Using the circular letter function, text messages, campaigns as well as invitations to telephone conferences are conducted in a personalised manner. The good voice quality of the automatic messages which are used is realised through the first-class Loquendo Text-To-Speech technology. The requirements for the operation of the tevitel.communicator office are Microsoft Outlook, any telephone, and a LAN resp. WAN connection to the tevitel.iPBX or the tevitel.iBooster.

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