Click & Call

Computer-Telephony-application for any extensions

With the Click & Call you will receive a software, which you are able to route and control with all incoming and outgoing calls conveniently on the PC. In connection with our tevitel.iPBX telephone system you will top out a maximum in telephone comfort.

Click & Call provides you a monitor, showing you the state of a numerous of participants from „free“ to „blocked“. Incoming and outgoing calls will be shown in a pop-up window thus you will not miss any call.

You can route the usual features like call waiting, connecting, call returning, conference, call pick up and call forwarding via clicking on the mouse button. The rejection of a telephone number and a manual blocking and deblocking of the trunk is too possible.

It may be is a singular option to display also external participants:
The state of the mobile phone can be shown (free, busy, „ringing“) in Click & Call when a call will be forwarded to a registered external telephone, e.g. a mobile phone. The secretary views that the head of the office is on the road and is having have a phone call on his mobile so she even need not to put him through a call at all.

We gladly inform you on any further options of the tevitel.Click & Call Tools: or +49 30 30203-555

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