Call data analysis and system evaluation

The tevitel.CallAnalyzer evaluates the call data and provides information on the occupancy rate of single connector sockets. How many calls will be forwarded at one go within a peak via the landline? Are there any sufficient channels left for incoming calls? The number of the required channels into the ISDN-, VoIP-, and GSM-nets can be optimized like this.

Besides these statistical analyses the Analyzer offers even for a professional Call Center voluminous evaluation options which are necessary for defining the Service level. The calls can be selected accordingly to the following criteria:
  • telephone number
  • successfull
  • not successfull
  • not reached
  • cost center
  • LAIN (via GSM-Module)
  • number of calls, charging information and report
The Analyzer works up the call data of the tevitel.iPBX, which will be provided by the tevitel.LoggingClient in an Access- or MS-SQL-data base. Complex queries can be nearly realized in real time with a SQL-data base for the call data are written continuously.

tevitel - Call Analyser
We gladly inform you on any further options of the tevitel.Message Server and the considerable evaluation options: or +49 30 30203-555.

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