tevitel.CallBar – as simple as one mouse click

The new tevitel.CallBar busy lamp panel shows you directly the availability of any user. Not only the status of the defined users, but also those of external users and groups are displayed. Coloured symbols show the status of the users: available, unavailable, busy. Yellow colored symbols appearing in a pop-up window show incoming calls. The application is designed to be user-friendly and to be intuitively used. With tevitel.CallBar, you can initiate a telephone call, pick up incoming calls from other users or even reject unwanted calls. The program uses call numbers from the Windows Clipboard and shows calls that were already made for a redialing. The call list enables the recall of missed calls.
The group icon shows groups show not just the call status, bu t also the number of logged
in agents and the number of active connections. Users can be in and out logged from groups with just one mouse click. The group administration will thus be as simple as a child’s play. With the SQL-Interface it is possible to use your company telephone contacts within CallBar. This allows time-savings at each call. The integrated chat function optimises the communication in the job. Available participants are tracked by a black frame. In the configuration, you can customize the position of any icon. The tool tevitel.CallBar will be displayed as a window or a status list. The tevitel.CallBar requires the tevitel.Message-Server and a software license. The tool works with a simple WAN connection. This allows CallBar to be used as mobile or Home Office solution.


• Intuitive user interface
• Status of users at first glance
• Login/logout groups
• Pop-up window for incoming calls
• Call list
• chat function

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