Telephone system iPBX

The tevitel.iPBX a telephone system with uncomoparable features:

  • network-transcending communication: ISDN, VoIP and GSM
  • Integration of mobile phones (mobile phones as an extension)
  • groups, ACD, queues (Call Center)
  • hold music, IVR, announcements
  • conferences (Conference Server)
  • text messages-integration
  • Least Cost Routing into any net
  • numerous mailbox systems
  • automatic handling for calls
  • PC-aided telephoning (CTI)
  • comfortable system telephone devices
  • Callthrough / Callback, text messages
  • remote maintenance via ISDN or WAN
  • call recording
  • Black- and Whitelists
  • TCP/IP-interface
  • easy administration
  • modular and future-proved
  • a.s.o.

The center of all the company's communication is the fact that the tevitel systems combine any language nets and enable with that the optimal routing of different connections. Besides ISDN-modules for internal and extenal trunks as well as for analogue ports for fax devices and telephone appliances VoIP-Gateways can be integrated to use the existing data connections for Sprachverkehr. With the application of GSM modules mobile communication too will be integrated. This enables the assembling of telecommunication systems to provide quickly and flexibly and with full comfort, independently on trunks for events, emergencies or mobile organizations like ships or emergency vehicles.

The special hit for any company is the fact that the staff is to be accessible on mobile: the mobile phone is becoming an adequate extension. The GSM telephone will be used like an internal telephone and is with that fully integrated in the telecommunication system with features like call waiting, making a consultation, forwarding and starting conferences. This overvalue makes it unnecessary to use additional wireless solutions, especially any member has normally his own GSM telephone.

An individual group can be classified to any member in which his stationary phone and his mobile phone can be logged in. This is the fact that he is accessible if required and too on the road at any time. When he is abroad he then is able to log into the group of his own from there via a local mobile phonecard and is furthermore being accessible under his usual exchange line (One Number Solution).

We gladly inform you on further options of our systems: and +49 30 30203-555.

tevitel.iPBX – one system – any net

tevitel communication systems bases on highly manufactured industry PC technology and is featured by powerful and modular hard and software components. All requirements of recent and middle-sized companies are marked by their flexible combination which are easy to realize and meet with the increasing demand.

The customer contacts – being in the center of all business – will be administer via your data base uniformly and will now be provided with any telephone call. The nearly standard TAPI- compatibility is a precondition for the doing. On request any member receives the same data about the customers and is therefore able to react on inquiries quickly and competently. There is no further hardware equipment necessary – the tevitel.IPBX provides all workstations within the LAN via the integrated Ethernet card with the computer telephony integration (CTI).

Increase the 'quality am Kunden', and arrange for him that the company is accessible with being forwarded to the right contact person.
Whether you need 'tevitel.iPBX-Booster' as a pre-switch system for your existing infrastructure or as the actual communication center, the tevitel.iPBX connects telephony with your IP network and increases the efficiency at the workstation.

This is why longterm strategies and costintensive installations will be dropped – the tevitel.iPBX will easily be switched into the telephone trunk with being integrated into your network. Thanks to the application of standard technology the administration is as simple as with usual Windows computer.

By using simple and regular software updates the system will remain up-to-date and powerful for many years. Forward-looking technologies – like internet-telephony or VoIP (Voice over IP) can be immediately used and updated at any time – this is how you will remain effective of course.

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