Mailbox systems

Numerous mailboxes for any telephone system

The tevitel.iBooster as a mailbox system expands any telephone system with the required number of personal mailboxes. The iBooster will be easily switched between the existing trunk and the telephone system, last-mentioned is fully transparent. The iBooster can provide several mailbox systems, e.g. with different language versions.

Because of  the industrial PC technology (19“ or compact system) it is possible to save many hours  of voice messages on the integrated hard disc and with the integration into the LAN, nearly unlimited memory capacity is available. It is a matter of course that the memory capacity can be restricted for any mailbox as well as the number of the voice messages and the length of it. Individual announcements can easily be taped by the user himself via his telephone and if required he can activate it.

To dispatch a voice message as an email to the relevant Outlook account via the Microsoft Exchange Server is very convenient. With that a message can be picked up, stored and forwarded conveniently at the workstation. Messages can too be dispatched to several participants, e.g. in emergency or for other important announcements.

Notifications via text messages: In connection with the GSM integration the mailbox addressees can too be informed about new notifications via text messages. As PIN code orientated mailboxes can be abgehört from indoors and outdoors with numerous of telephone devices house, the user can abstain form his additional mailbox on his mobile phone (Mobile Extension).

tevitel Mailboxsysteme

Special features at a glance:

  • Up to 10.000 participants/mailboxes
  • Email dispatch of voice messages
  • SMS to signal new voice messages
  • telephone query
  • Individual announcements
  • freely configuration options of the length of announcements per call
  • lower administration effort for mailboxes
We gladly inform you on any further options of our flexible mailbox systems:  or +49 30 30203-555.

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