iPBX mobile - Mobile Telecommunication System

Application scenario: Besides offices, which are to or have to work without an exchange line trunk, the application of mobile telephone systems offer a good alternative if one have to  come through without a telephone system quickly and for some time. This could be a replacement system for the emergency when the actual telephone system or the exchange line is failing: The mobile tevitel.iPBX is ready for use within the next five minutes. On agreement with the carrier the incoming calls – actually defined for the headquarter - can also be sent to the mobile lines of the iPBX or the iBooster: The accessibility is safe in no time at all.

Further options for the application of the mobile iPBX are fairs, events or building sites.
Disaster control: The mobile telephone system is only in need of a GSM receipt for their operation besides the voltage supply. After a natural disaster or wars the infrastructure of the relevant territories is often destroyed. If too the GSM supply fails this will be normally repaired very quickly while the exchange line is no longer or only temporarilly available.

We gladly inform you on further options of our mobile systems:  or +49 30 30203-555.

iPBX Mobil - Die Telefonanlage f

The telephone system for fairs, events and building sites

The telephone system tevitel.iPBX and the pre-switch system tevitel.iBooster can completely abstain from an exchange line trunk via the GSM-Integration. The external connections will be built up via the GSM channels – up to 32 SIM cards of any carrier can be operated in a 19"-system simultaneously. All standard analogue and ISDN telephone devices as well as VoIP end devices and of course tevitel system telephones can be use internally. Mobile phones of the staff can also be operated like internal telephones (see also mobile extensions).

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