Conference Server

Conferences for up to 64 participants for any telephone system

The tevitel.iBooster as a conference server provides conference spaces for up to 64 internal and external participants. The system will easily be switched into the trunk before the existing telephone system.


The participants of a conference will dial in via a defined telephone number.  To make sure that only authorized people take place, a PIN code can be required. A further option to control the access is the white list:  The participants registered to 'attend' the conference will be permitted for the conference by their telephone number they sent. No one can dial in into the conference via a non-registered telephone. Whitelist and PIN code demanding can be linked to provide further security.

Invitation conference:

The participants of a conference will be invited by an initiator and so can be switched into the conference. In connection with the GSM integration the conferences can also be introduced by mobile members via their mobile phone.
Active and passive participants of a conference: Via different PIN code entries one can differ between active and passive participants.

Conference co-listening:

The conference can be co-listened if required and after being finished sent to all the participants as an e-mail with a Wave file by the initiator.

The tevitel conference system with powerful features:

  • up to 64 internal and external participants
  • application used as an enlargement to an existing telephone system or as a stand-alone system
  • optional call co-listening
  • safe dialing in via PIN code/ Whitelist
  • active and passive participants of a conference/initiator of a conference
  • isolated conference
  • Meet-me conference
  • temporary conference space
If you have any further question on our conference server please email to:  or phone us: +49 30 30203-555.

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