Announcement Systems

Flexible flatform for announcement services

The tevitel.iBooster expand the existing telephone systems by the IVR systems.

The iBooster will easily be switched before the telephone system und there it provides the inquiring customers with announcements or Anrufermen├╝s. There are manifold application demonstrations: Any configurable IVR-System (Interactive Voice Response) can be used as a PIN code demand system for Service Hotlines or safe conferences as well as an announcement system for ticket Hotlines or information services ( e.g. the Greek Telekom, police, fire brigade).

Classic interactive voice menu for the automatic call pickup and call forwarding are configurable in numerous ways ("If you like to speak to the Customer Services please press the „1“ etc.

The announcements can conveniently be left via the telephone or can be taped in a professional recording studio and can be imported as a data file. The figures filled in by the caller are also evaluable for statistical data and too used for other purposes as well as the considerable log files in which all the call data will be recorded upon request.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) via DTMF and announcement server for professional and effetive order management:


  • automatical, DTMF-controlled processing of incoming calls by a Call Assistant
  • numerous junctions over several levels
  • to tape an announcement conveniently via telephone or file importing
  • dialing options of extensions and groups etc.
  • application for PIN-code secured entries, e.g. for conferences or other destinations
  • announcement menus can be – in protected manner - activated or deactivated by any internal or external telephone
  • direct call forwarding possible (AWS 'immediately', 'by time' und 'if busy')

Announcement Server:

  • a voice message (wav-file) and the destination address can be sent to the system (SMTP/POP3 o. MS Exchange) via email
  • the destination address (customer) will be called automatically and the data file will be played back
  • the customer call can be forwarded or is able to dial his object himself (e.g. 1 for dispatch department, 2 for sales department etc.)
  • selectively a text message can be sent (e.g. messages on the delivery of the goods etc.)
  • in connection with a MessageServer applications of its own or integration in CRM or ERP programs are possible
We gladly inform you on any further application options of the IVR system: or +49 30 30203-555.

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