Integration of mobile telephones of the Customer Services into your telephone system

Mobile telephones for mobile employees are self-evident, but have a life of its own besides the exchange line telephony via the company's telephone system. Sentences like "…the collegue seems not to be at his desk, I will try to reach him by mobile phone…" or "…You have reached me on my mobile phone, I am not able to forward you!" anybody knows these expressions in daily business life.

What an overvalue would bring an integration of the mobile network telephony into the existing telephone system? Does it not make sense to make the staff accessible less than one telephone number at any time? No matter where they are, in the office or on the road? How convenient what is it like to make call waiting’s, to forward a call like doing these things by the usual office telephone? Would it be nice to start a conference on your mobile phone?

The principle is clear: The GSM/LCR router becomes lucidly switched before the telephone system into the existing ISDN or VoIP-lines. There are no adjustments on the telephone system necessary to do. The GSM/LCR router provides the routing of calls and forwards incoming calls to the telephone system. Calls on a mobile phone will be forwarded into the relevant net via an integrated SIM card – this point makes it clear that intensive roaming charges will drop off in future.

Upon request too national and international calls will be forwarded into the prevailing and cheapest net via Call by Call. This is how mobile employees can make their national or international phone calls via the iBooster economically.

5 advantages which are obviously

  1. Mobile phone as an internal extension
  2. safing charges:e.g. 75% with connections from GSM- into the landline
  3. safing charges: e.g. 50% with connections from  landline into GSM-net
  4. mobile telecommunication system
  5. tevitel.GSM/LCR Router: The pre-switched system for the existing tele-communication system with integrated routing and telecommunication features

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