IP Telephony

Voice over IP for the tevitel.iPBX and any other telephone system

The fact that the telephony and the data transfer is no longer realized via separate nets is no longer future. Not only the popular DSL availability and with that the bandwidth in growth, many private households and smaller companies convert completely to VoIP. While this is easy to do with a lower call amount and clearly internal nets (LAN) the switch in middle-sized and larger companies initially is much more complicated and combines higher  capital expenditures. For the internal telephony the network has to go to work as now a considerable quantity of data transfer will be provided additionally 'just in time'. Whereas the clear data transfer, e.g. the data transfer from the own server, does not depend on how the transfer takes (a second longer or not) the voice transmission is subject to enormous ordinance. Hesitations and data loss will negatively affect on the voice quality at once. On the long run, however, investments on one’s own infrastructure by standardization of cabling and of active network components and the options of a centralized management and above all an improved integration of business processing can affect cost-safing and increase the efficiency. With the tevitel.iBooster a soft migration is cheaply possible – to convert step by step from the conventional to the VoIP communication. The system will be easily switched before the existing telephone system and provides there all with VoIP integration.

The iBooster can be on the one hand used as a Gateway to VoIP-nets und connections. With that it frames the interface between the conventional telephony over the existing telephone system and the VoIP-Provider like T-Online, QSC or 1&1. Via VPN-connections the iBooster can integrate the external extensions into the headquarter for the transmitted units and respectively branches of the own company – one can abstain from a separate telephone system in the branch and the corresponding exchange line trunk. The external telephones are connected directly with the headquarter – and make the telephone calls via the headquarters trunks.

On the other hand further VoIP telephones or so-to-called softphones (PC applications for the telephony in connection with a sound card and a headset etc.) can be installed and integrated in the company.  The existing telephone system can be used with that as previous done and upon request can be replaced on any point of time.

Your advantageous features:

  • flexible desktop selection
  • cheap enlargement of the telecommunication system
  • fast reacting on changes
  • a protocol for many devices
  • one net for many services
  • reducing the communication costs
  • integrating and optimizing business processes

Technical Data:

  • SIP-Module (PCI) for tevitel.iPBX und iBooster
  • 8 or 32 language channels per system
  • G.711 A-law, G.711 m-law, G.723, G.729
  • SIP-trunk compatible with QSC, 1&1 and T-Online
  • STUN-Protocol-Support
  • connection settings as a SIP-Server, provides SIP and SIP-Trunk, Proxy (cascading)
  • compatibel to any SIP-End devices
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