tevitel.iPBX and iBooster now in version 7.0

News from: 12/19/2008

The range of activities of the tevitel telecommunication systems is continuing in growth.

Thanks to the professional industry PC platforms and the modular hard and software concept our systems will remain exclusively in the range of activities. Software updates which are simple to import, arrange for our customers to be always up to date. The current software release tevitel.iPBX 7.0 offers many news and improvements for all tevitel systems.
One system – any net: tevitel combines land line, mobile network and VoIP. Home office- and mobile phones of the staff will be integrated as well as the telephone devices on the desktop. With the CTI connection via the standard TAPI- or the TCP/IP interface tevitel. MessageServer any of the staff is able to communicate via the system  – independently on where he is. Over any  stationary or mobile phone the call will be installed directly or via a click on the mouse button via CTI.
Any branch or department will be equipped accordingly to their special requirements, indepentendly, however integrated into the master plan.  Departments can build - project-related - groups and organizational processing with sending the requested telephone number. Whether the service number of one own or as a Call Center the customer's number which the services are made for. The distribution of calls for incoming calls is made flexibly for group types, time and destination number i.e. and can be easily adjusted easily at any time.  The enormous routing can too distribute and forward the calls in accordance with the 'sending number'.
For outgoing calls the routing rules by the telephone number or predefined profiles, over which carrier the call is to be built up, with forwarding it into the corresponding exchange line, VoIP or mobile phone net.
Besides the latest SIP-integration and the all perfect GSM-connectiong the software tevitel.iPBX 7.0 offers much more features:
  • announcement and information server: automatic dispatch of messages with a following forwarding to the employees, departments or groups etc.
  • easy importing of professional messages of ones own also from outdoor
  • conference server with a PIN code for active and passive participants
  • a new evaluation tool for calls and traffic analysis: tevitel.CallAnalyzer with Access- o. SQL-connection
  • simple Login/out of the member of a group by the administrator
  • shift group for emergency service or commissioning

News of 7.0 for Insider (connoisseur of our systems):

  • routing extensions: definition accordingly to services, place holder for withheld call numbers
  • extensions for system telephones like receipt of display messages, installations of wait items, display of active day/night switching, display of the 'via' or rerouted number, system buttons with AWS, routing activated/deactivated
  • improvements in setup and state monitoring
  • support of .wav-files even for announcements etc.
  • AWS now configurable directly into groups, waiting queues, IVR- and Mailboxsystems (furthermore, additionally in night swithes)
  • Message-Server-enhancements (TCP/IP-interface)
  • CTI-enhancement (TAPI): the display of groups and external participants
  • Email integration with SMTP/POP3 or MS Exchange: dispatch of mailbox messages, announcement files, call recording, text messages (also for groups of the mobile phone)  display messages on system telephone

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