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At the beginning of the year 2001 Dietmar Bräuer, Heiko Päper and Oliver Reitz found the tevitel AG and took over the sector of telecommunication systems of the TELES AG together with the experienced development team and the service team of the TELES.IPBX.  Since then in corporation with the accredited specialized dealers and partners the telephone system has been sold as tevitel.iPBX and proved to be very popular.

The technical basis of tevitel.IPBX was settled when in 1989 an exploratory team of the TU Berlin under the management of the TELES AG founder and best known as the ISDN pioneer, Prof. Sigram Schindler, succeeded in the first time to use the existing technical environement of a standard computer to operate a telecommunication system.

Since then the tevitel.iPBX has been proved as a sound communication system for integrated solutions concerning the powerful flexibility and integration compatibility in customers orientated companies, Call Centers or in sales and service departments.

Not only the simple handling via the popular user interface of the Micosoft-Windows® operation system and resulting from that the homogenity of the IT environment is very important.

Continued advancements of the tevitel.iPBX to meet with the extreme requirements of our customers have made the tevitel.iPBX to that company what is today: a technical and economical optimized device with which enterprise visions become realistic on the market of customer contact and communication management.

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