All IP Conversion

All IP Conversion

The tevitel.iPBX is a Windows based VoIP PBX that completely replaces traditional and manufacturer-dependent systems. The PABX system is suitable for home users, small businesses to large, medium-sized companies and call centers.

The switch from ISDN to all-IP offers the tevitel.iPBX potential savings through the use of existing infrastructure, low-cost system cost and low call costs. Problems are quickly located by the integrated network monitoring and eliminated.

Benefit from the advantages of the tevitel.iPBX:

-All-In-one PBX-system, for all networks and functions to the call center.

-Modular and scalable system that is at any time can be extended.

-Interfaces allow a simple, intuitive user interface Windows.

-The tevitel.iPBX offers best accessibility, professional call management
and precise call evaluations.

-Network errors are detected by the system and call or E-Mail
reported to the service before the client has noticed the Strörung.

-The open system architecture with standard interfaces such as LAN, TAPI 2.1 and
SQL allows easy connection to the existing IT infrastructure.

-The system has existed since 1997 and is always on the pulse of the time through updates.

-Tevitel customer service helps you efficiently for questions and problems.

News from tevitel

tevitel.iPBX and iBooster in version 7.1.50

The highlights of 7.1.50:
  • text-to-speech-integration
  • tevitel.communicator office (optional)
  • project number support
  • text message server service
  • voice recording of external participants
  • release of ELMEG CS 290 system-telephone




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